Broughty Lettings are always keen to find new Landlords who wish to take advantage of the benefits of letting out their properties. Whether you have an extensive portfolio or have only one property to let, we will be happy to guide you through the process and advise you on the different levels of property management to tailor it in a way that suits your needs or personal preference. We will also ensure that you are fully aware of your responsibilities and legal obligations as a Landlord.

We can offer a ‘tenant find’ only service which involves us advertising your property and obtaining references, financial suitability and credit checks on applicants until we find a suitable tenant for your property. We also provide full management of your property which includes the ‘tenant find’ as well as the day to day management of the property dealing with Tenancy Agreement forms, AT5 forms, monthly rents, deposit schemes, maintenance issues, inspections, changes of tenants and any other issues that may arise involving the management of the property.

Properties will be advertised on our own website, local press and other well established property websites and viewings can be carried out 7 days a week. Our property inspections are carried out at regular intervals and photographs are taken to ensure that no deterioration of the property occurs and that normal ‘wear and tear’ issues are dealt with promptly. If any maintenance issues are reported, we have a bank of local reliable tradesmen who are happy to deal with any repairs or emergencies that arise.

We are also keen to give advice to people considering purchasing property on a ‘Buy to Let’ basis. We have an extensive knowledge of the local area and can give sound and practical advice to assist in all decision making involved in this process. We also have an excellent mortgage and financial service (Independent Mortgage Partnership, 27 South Tay Street, Dundee) who will guide you through the entire financial side of the ‘Buy to Let’ process from start to finish.

As we are an independent company, we are not ‘target’ driven and our main aim is to carry out a thoroughly professional and personal service for each and every Landlord regardless of the amount of properties involved.

It is very important to us to provide an open and honest approach from the outset and to deliver a quality service which will ensure a trust is formed and our professional reputation is maintained.

We can be contacted at any time for advice and we will carry out a free appraisal of any properties which are being considered for letting purposes. Please see our Contact Us page for details and for any further enquiries.